Liposuction: Existing Alternative Procedures

Alternative liposuction procedures are more effective than common liposuction alternatives and offer faster results. Although alternative liposuction procedures still involve a surgical invasion, all the major risks associated with the the common liposuction surgery, such as damage to neighboring tissues or blood vessels, bruising, pain or even necrosis, are eliminated or significantly reduced. The most widespread FDA-approved alternative liposuction procedures include: laser liposuction, VASER, (ultrasound, ultrasonic) liposuction, body jet (water) liposuction, freezing, tumescent liposuction. What all these alternative liposuction plastic surgeries have in common is that the fat is removed from you body immediately by the means of cannula, a liposuction tube, and you have the result immediately. However, each alternative liposuction surgery uses a unique approach to loosening the fat before it is suctioned out of the problem area.

Water Liposuction

This alternative liposuction technique uses an anesthetic solution jet to break down the fat before removing it. The solution is delivered under pressure into the treated area, leaving the surrounding tissues, nerves and blood vessels intact, leaving no burns or mechanical damage and giving a better targeted local anesthesia. The fat is then flushed down the cannula. This method has one advantage no other alternative liposuction treatment can offer: the fat removed from the problem area can be used to “sculpture” other areas that you want to improve, for example, belly fat can be safely used for breast or buttock augmentation, without the risk of rejection or other risks associated with artificial implants.

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction uses laser to melt the fat before vacuuming it out. The advantage if this liposuction therapy is that the fat goes out easily. This alternative liposuction procedure has two disadvantages. The first, the risk of burning is still present. The second, this method cannot be used for excessively large amounts of fat and is best for smaller areas like chin or neck, or if the fat deposits are not large. However, this methods can help improve cellulite, which is not typical for other liposuction methods.

Ultrasound Liposuction

A relatively new alternative liposuction is ultrasound assisted method. This technique uses ultrasound waves to break up fat tissues before suctioning. Unlike the laser liposuction, this procedure also eliminates the risk or burning.

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction owes it’s name to the target area being “swollen” in the course of the surgery. The swelling enables the surgeon to better manipulate the hardened target area and eliminate unnecessary damage to the tissues. The swelling is achieved by the means of specialized injections. There is one peculiarity to know about this method: the surgeon’s experience is of critical importance because the treated body area is distorted during the procedure, so the surgeon shapes your body blindly and must be able to “foresee” the end result without actually seeing it.


This method totally eliminates the surgery. The fat cells are selectively treated by low temperature and killed. the dead cells are then broken down and naturally flushed out of your body. This liposuction alternativeis good for both men and women.


Liposuction injections method is known in two variations: mesotherapy (using natural ingredients) and lipodissolve (using chemical agents). Both methods alter fat metabolism in target areas facilitating breaking down and flushing out the fat.


A weight loss pill is not an alternative to liposuction because liposuction is not a weight loss method.

With these methids before after comparison shows less complications and quicker healing. According to reviews, customer satisfaction with alternative liposuction results is also higher. Alternative liposuction cost is generally higher that common lipo prices. However, as the new methods become more spread and competence grows, the prices go down. Today, you can really have alternative liposuction cheap if you don’t want it done in LA. Alternative liposuction are available is most large cities in the US states or different counties of the world: Melbourne, Phoenix, Toronto, Sydney, Seattle, Edmonton, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dublin Dallas, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Minnesota, most UK, Canada or Australia cities.

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