Best Alternatives to Liposuction: Natural ways, Cosmetic and Medical Procedures

What is the best alternative to liposuction? The most effective, healthy and natural one? There is no one defining answer to the question, except for diet and exercise, because everyone’s body has it’s own peculiarities and requires individual approach. The below review is for those who have not just heard about diet and exercise as the best way to go every time when asking about the best liposuction alternatives, but have already tried this method and it didn’t work.

Best Non Surgical Alternatives

Zerona Liposuction

Zerona Lipo Lazer is widely advertised today as a non-invasive laser liposuction. Zerona uses a low-intensity cold laser applied to problem areas externally in other to melt fat which is then naturally flushed out of your body. Unlike with traditional liposuction, you may need several treatment sessions to achieve the desired result. In addition, the amounts of unwanted fat should be from small to moderate. This method won’t sculpture a prefect shape out of a severely obese body.


Mesotherapy involves series of injections of chemicals and naturals substances that alter the work of receptor responsible for lipolysis (fat breakdown) and lipogenesis (fat production) resulting in reducing localized fat deposits. This methods is also effective for moderate fat deposits and requires several treatment sessions. Although this is one of the safest fat removal procedures, you should still be aware about mesotherapy side effects.

Lipodissolve (Injection lipolysis)

Just like mesotherapy, Injection lipolysis (lipodissolve) uses injections. The injected substances break down fat which is then naturally removed from the body.

Non Invasive Liposuction Surgeries

Non invasive liposuction methods significantly reduce tissue damage and bruising and can be done under local anesthesia, although they still involve minor surgical invasion.

Laser Liposuction

Laser assisted liposuction is widely used today as a safer alternative to traditional liposuction. In the course of the procedure, the fat in melted my the means of laser cannula instead of being beaten up and then is suctioned out.

Vaser Liposuction

In the course of VASER lipo, the fat cells are broken down by the means of sound waves instead of being mechanically broken prior to being suctioned.

Is Tummy Tuck a Good Liposuction Alternative?

In certain cases, it can be so. In actual fact, liposuction was invented as a tummy tuck alternative to cause less trauma to the tissue and eliminate the smiley-like abdomen scars that patients have to were to the rest of their lives as a payment to the flat stomach (in addition to the surgery costs). Tummy tuck can be more preferable when it is obvious that the excess skin won’t shrink after fat removal. In certain cases tummy tuck is used to tighten abdomen muscles that were severely stretched by pregnancy. However, tummy tuck is a serious surgical invasion which should be used only as a last resort treatment when other methods don’t work or are not good for you for a number of reasons. Today, tummy tuck surgery is frequently combined with liposuction.

Stay Fit and Fine!

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