Freeze Liposuction Alternative: How It Works

A state-of-the art liposuction alternative is freeze or freeze liposuction (also known as CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis). Such liposuction alternative as freeze was recently approved by the FDA but has already become very popular. The fat-freezing machine lowers the temperature target areas with stubborn fat to the point when the fat cells get damaged. The cold is applied selectively, so other cells remain unharmed. During the next few weeks, damaged fat cells die off and the remainders are broken down by the liver and lymphatic system are flushed out of the body. Fat leaves your body naturally, without causing stress to you body or leaving loose skin on treated areas. After the procedure, one can observe a 20% decrease of excess fat. After that, the fat continues to go away for a few months.

Totally Non Invasive Method: Freeze

In comparison with other liposuction alternatives, freeze is probably the least harmful option. No surgery, not even needles. People start thinking of liposuction when diet and exercise turn out helpless is rebutting stubborn fat deposits: the unwanted stubborn fat just won’t break down so as to be flushed out in the natural way. If fat volume is impressive (a dozen of pounds), one can hardly do without invasive lipo where the cannula is used to suction the fat. However, sometimes fat deposits are not essential but still, they spoil your body contour. For such cases, one of the best liposuction alternatives is freeze. Please note that new freeze liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, so your overall shape should be good if you want to benefit from “cool freeze fat”.

Advantages of freeze liposuction:

  • Short treatment time (up to 1 hour)
  • Cheaper that invasive vacuuming liposuction (as low as $500 per area).
  • No anesthesia. No jut that, patients can read, listen to music or even use laptops!
  • No harm so surrounding tissues
  • No bleeding or bruising
  • No surgical invasion. Broken down fat cells are flushed out of the body in the natural way.
  • No downtime, no recovery time.
  • Perfect for fibrotic and vascular fat areas for which liposuction is uncongenial.

Liposuction Alternative - Freeze Changes are visible 1 month later after the procedure and the best effect is achieved 3 to 4 months after the procedure. If you think that it’s a disadvantage of freeze liposuction as compared with traditional lipo, where all the fat is removed immediately, in the course of the procedure, you are wrong. With common liposuction, full recovery may take a few months (depending on a number of factors). In addiction, you will have to suffer some side effects (bruising, swelling). Loosened skin may take even more time to shrink. Showing off your body at the beach, or having some spa procedures may be out of the question. With the new freeze liposuction, you won’t experience any of these inconveniences.

Stay Fit and Fine!

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