Tummy Tuck as a Liposuction Alternative: Will It Work?

Another liposuction alternative is tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) - surgical removal (excision) of excess skin and fat resistant to diet and exercise between the belly button and pubic area. Along with a nice flat stomack you inevitably get a “smile-shaped” incision stretching from one hip to the other. Actually, it would be more correct to say that liposuction was invented as a less invasive and traumatic alternative to tummy tuck.

A Few Words on Skin Properties...

Human skin has the natural ability to shrink as the underlying volume decreases. After fat removal the skin easily conforms to the new shape and in most cases the belly looks absolutely natural, without horrible scars. That is why liposuction is a better alternative for most people, if it comes to surgery. However, tummy tuck is still performed because:

  • in some cases this alternative is the only way to improve or restore body shape, for example, for women with loosened abdominal muscles after pregnancy

  • a tummy tuck can be a reasonable alternative to liposuction for people with large folds of lax, inelastic stretch-marked skin in the lower abdominal area that will not shrink after liposuction or those who have abnormal folds of loose skin after rapid weight loss.

Yet, this kind of surgery is one of the most extreme ways of body correction resorted to when all other alternatives to liposuction or tummy tuck prove powerless. In any case, choose the clinic carefully and consult doctors before you make such a serious step as tummy tuck.

Stay Fit and Fine!

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