Liposuction and Cellulite: Does one help againt the other?

Although liposuction and cellulite go hand in hand, the liposuction surgery is not a cellulite treatment method, the same about being overweight. Liposuction removes large persistent deposits of fat from specific problem areas of the body like abdomen, buttocks, chin, thighs, but but cellulite remains because it requires other treatment. If fact, large-volume liposuction alone can even worsen the appearance of the skin affected with cellulite because it removes the underlying cushion that keeps the skin tightened. The skin becomes loose and the rippling, “orange-peel” appearance may become more pronounced.

Why Is Liposuction not for Cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by hormonal factors and one’s genetic peculiarities. Cellulite is fat accumulated under the skin in compartments surrounded with the vertical connective fibrous strands that have attachment points with the skin. As one grows older and more fat is accumulated in these compartments, these fat lodes begin to bulge out on the skin surface and the fibrous strands shrink. That’s where the dimpled look of the skin comes from. Cellulite fat capsules are persistent to liposuction. That is why is you have cellulite liposuction or non-invasive alternative liposuction methods should be combined with cellulite removal procedures for better results.

One of the safest cellulite treatment techniques is based on improvement of the smoothness and tone of the skin. In the course of gentle sub-dermal massage the shrunk fibrous strands are stretched and blood flow improves resulting in contour smoothing, better tome and healthier look of the skin. Remember to consult with your doctor prior to undergoing liposuction and cellulite treatment.

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