Pros And Cons of Liposuction

Liposuction: Do or Not

Liposuction pros and cons should always be weighed before one makes the decision about the surgery. However, every year thousands of people in the US undergo this kind of treatment which means that liposuction pros outweigh the cons for many patients. Pros and cons of liposuction are very individual, what makes a disadvantage for one person will not necessarily turn into a con for another person.

Liposuction Pros

  • Immediate result. In just one procedure liposuction can do what diets and gyms cannot do in months or even years.

  • Liposuction removes the fat that does not yield to other methods.

  • Today there are many innovative non invasive liposuction methods that significantly limit or even completely eliminate surgical invasion.

  • Saves you time. You get the body of your dream without spending hours in the gym or swallowing gallons of chlorinated water in the swimming pool.

  • New liposuction methods, like VASER liposuction not just reduce the stubborn fat but also improve cellulite appearance, blood circulation in the underlying tissues and make you skin better toned and more elastic.

  • And the last point, let’s face it: better and slimmer appearance does matter today, in many ways. It’s a common knowledge that attractive people have better career opportunities, easier make friends, have better chance to find a date or a spouse for a single perso...Inside beauty is most important of course, and that’s what makes the real value of a person. However, statistics say that we cannot dismiss appearance. Body shape does matter, that’s the truth we cannot escape. Getting a better body can help improve your current relationship, it is like saying to your spouse of fiancé “I care for you, I care for what you feel or think when looking at me, I care for what you feel when other people see you with me.”

Liposuction Cons

  • Not every person is a perfect liposuction candidate. Only your doctor can tell if you are a good candidate. Traditional liposuction is not good for people with inelastic skin, or those who cannot tolerate general anesthesia. If you have much cellulite liposuction will remove the underlying cushion that keeps your skin tightened. That will make cellulite more prominent. That is why patients with cellulite should not have too much fat removed in one session in order to let the skin shrink naturally and adjust to the new size. Innovation liposuction methods provide a way around all of these problems, which, however, brings us to the second "con":

  • Liposuction is quite costly, especially the procedures that involve the use of innovative methods, equipment and require special skills necessary for specific method from the surgeon.

  • Liposuction is associated the risk of certain side effects and complications. Liposuction risks are probably the major reason why people who want to get a better body reject this procedure.

  • Liposuction is not covered by insurance plans because it’s a cosmetic rather than life-saving procedure.

  • Liposuction is a kind of indulge: it does not stimulate a person to real care of his or her health by providing immediate result without any effort. Fast result without diet and exercise stimulates somewhat negligent attitude, doesn’t it?

  • In most cases, liposuction requires hospitalization and a few several days to a few weeks for full recovery. This means staying away from work or home for some time and sometimes inability to return to normal daily activities for some time, until liposuction recovery is complete.

  • In a way, liposuction is a lottery, unless you study really carefully the offers from different clinics and find a really reputable and experienced surgeon.

We hope our liposuction pros and cons overview helps you make the right choice.

Stay Fit and Fine!

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