Liposuction Side Effects in Men and Women

Understanding Liposuction and Its Side Effects

Are you thinking of undergoing a liposuction in order to remove your unwanted fats? If so, a brief overview of liposuction and liposuction side effects may help you arrive at a wise decision whether to proceed with the liposuction or not. Liposuction is the removal of excess fats in your stomach area, hips, butts, thighs, breasts, back, arms, neck, your “love handles”, “saddle bags” and even on your ankles.

What are the possible liposuction side effects? Potential side effects include bruises, swelling, and scars. Expect lumpiness that may also take months before it completely disappears.

Side Effects in Men and Women

Liposuction side effects in men and in women are quite similar. These may include infections, recuperation delays, allergic reactions to medications, blood clots, and in extreme cases, it may also lead to the death of the patient. Other, less common side effects of liposuction in men and women are body contouring irregularities, possible organ damage, development of excess skin, and medication overdose. Liposuction side effects for men, if they do occur, are usually more severe, especially if the male person went ahead with the surgery without proper consultation. He may experience lumps, friction burn, and excessive fluid loss.

Liposuction Side Effects Recovery Time

What could one expect in terms of liposuction side effects recovery time? After liposuction, healing can take from days to months, depending on the patient’s health, his tolerance to pain, and also on the size of the area treated. Normally it will take the patient one to two weeks of recovery time, and full recovery can be expected in a matter of months. Typical liposuction side effects recovery time for most patients is less than a week, wherein these patients are now able to move normally and even return to their daily routines with not a lot of discomfort. After more weeks of recovery, they feel more comfortable and can start to appreciate and show off their new figure. If you use a non invasive liposuction technique to perfect you body, liposuction side effects recovery time will be shorter and you’ll definitely experience less side effects.

For the first two weeks of recovery time, patients must wear compression garments. These garments will reduce or prevent loose skin and promote a faster recovery time. Patients are only allowed to take showers and not full baths for a week after the liposuction procedure. After a week, you may expect side effects such as swelling, bruising, and numbness to be reduced.

Liposuction Side Effects

For the first several months of liposuction recovery time, there will still be swelling. You might notice loose skin surrounding the treated area, but it will surely tighten in no time. Usually skin tightens in six months, but it always depends on the patient’s skin elasticity. Monitor the areas where incisions in your body were done. Do not forget your post-surgery checkup schedule with your liposuction doctor or surgeon, so he may be able to properly monitor your healing period. Patients must expect longer recovery time if large amounts of fat were removed from their bodies.

But there’s no need to worry - in no time, the final results will be revealed. You may now start really appreciating your more slender figure, and maintain it through frequent exercise, a well-balanced diet, and regular visits to your liposuction doctor. Definitely liposuction side effects will fade away, and the time will come when you won’t even give a thought to the liposuction surgery you had.

Stay Fit and Fine!

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