Liposuction Surgery: Types, Methods, How It Is Performed

Liposuction surgery is the only way to fulfill the dream of a perfect body contour for many people. In fact, liposuction is primarily a cosmetic surgery, it is performed not for weight loss. This means that this procedure is designed to correct body contour flaws which do not respond to diet or exercise in patients with normal weight. However, in cases when unwanted fat deposits are overly large liposuction surgery can be used as a weight loss method.

Liposuction Surgery

Traditionally, liposuction was an invasive surgery done with general anesthesia because of considerable damage to surrounding tissues, blood vessels, bleeding and, of course pain. The good news for those who dream of a beautiful body is that today there are many alternative liposuction surgery methods which are less invasive than the traditional liposuction surgery, deliver better results, faster recovery and lower complications risks. New lipo methods don’t require general anesthesia and in some cases even hospitalization. What most of them have in common is a safer and gentler approach for treating the excess fat in problem body areas which decreases or eliminates the damage to surrounding tissues, bleeding and post-operative complications.

Laser liposuction surgery is the most widespread alternative lipo method where the fat is melted by the means of the laser integrated in the cannula before being vacuumed out.

In the course of VASER liposuction procedure fatty cells in the problem areas are treated with ultrasonic waves emitted by an acoustic transmitter set in the cannula. The loosened fat is then easily suctioned from the body.

Although tumescent liposuction surgery had much in common with traditional lipo surgery, some of this procedure’s elements make it less traumatic and make faster liposuction recovery possible. As the name implies, tumescent liposuction is performed on tumescent tissues. The swelling is deliberately created with the help of chemicals injected in the target areas which make the tissues firmer and decreases bleeding. Tumescent target areas also allow the surgeon better control cannula movements. However, tumescent liposuction surgery requires special qualification and experience from the lipo surgeon because it is essentially a blind procedure : the swelling distorts the image of the treated area and the result will look different when the swelling is gone. The surgeon must the able to “sculpture” the body without even seeing the actual result in the course of the treatment.

Liposuction Surgery Alternative

Totally non-surgical liposuction alternatives, such as Zerona Lipo Lazer or Lipodissolve will require multiple treatment sessions and the result will be somewhat delayed in time. However, the risk of complications with these methods is very low and recovery is fast.

Liposuction surgery costs vary significantly, mostly depending on the method of your choice and the area you want to treat. As a new lipo surgery method appears and receives FDA approval, the costs of the procedure are generally quite high. However, over time the method becomes more and more common in large number of clinics and the prices lower so that the difference between the traditional lipo surgery costs and the cost of an innovative liposuction surgery. Today large number of lipo patients opt for innovative liposuction surgery methods because more and more people have access to lipo information through the Internet and safety becomes more important than the cost of liposuction surgery. Whatever liposuction method seems the most appropriate for you, you should always consult with your doctor and carefully weigh liposuction pros and cons before deciding on a specific liposuction surgery method.

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