Liposuction Without Surgery: How Is That Possible?

The phrase liposuction without surgery still sounds like a magic for people who want to become more attractive and shed the hateful inches, but are scared by the very thought of going 'under the knife'. And if you explore the web on liposuction without surgery, you will be probably somewhat confused by the wide range of innovative procedures classified as liposuction without surgery or non-invasive liposuction. However, these procedures beat traditional liposuction as better alternatives in many ways. Below we will try to make it a bit more clear.

Liposuction Without Surgery - How Can That Be?

Traditionally, liposuction is associated with a scary risky surgery performed under general anesthesia where the fatty tissues are mechanically smashed by a specialized surgical tube (cannula) inserted under the patient’s skin through an incision and then vacuumed out through the same cannula. So, liposuction means fat suctioning and suctioning means a pretty violent surgical invasion with the scary cannula. Otherwise it is anything, although safe and effective, but a liposuction procedure. So, how can one have a liposuction without surgery and will look and feel fine? The answer is quite simple. The procedures united under the category “liposuction without surgery” combine the fast and obvious results of a liposuction surgery with the safety of non-surgical body contouring methods which involve no or minor surgical invasion. Fat reduction in most cases is achieved without the need for hospitalization or even anesthesia.

Zerona Lipo Laser and Lipodissolve are the most popular and least invasive methods referred to as liposuction alternatives without surgery.

liposuction without surgery: Zerona

Zerona breaks down fat cells by the means of low-intensity laser used externally and Lipodissolve involves series of fat dissolving injections in trouble areas. The broken down fat is then gradually flushed out of the body with urine. There medical procedures are most effective for smaller body areas or moderate fat deposits. As a rule, several treatment sessions are required for the best result.

Liposuction With Minor Surgery

Liposuction With Minor Surgery: Laser Lipo

The effectiveness of the above non-surgical liposuction alternatives for large fats deposits in the body or large areas is still under question. For such cases, alternative liposuction techniques provide a good way to lose inches and see the result immediately almost without pain and limitations. These techniques include VASER(ultrasound) liposuction and laser assisted liposuction. In the course of laser assisted liposuction (SmartLipo Laser liposuction), procedure the fat is liquefied by the laser integrated into the cannula prior to suctioning. Ultrasound liposuction uses ultrasound waves emit by the cannula to break down the fat prior to suctioning. Although some surgical invasion is still required and the patients need a few days for complete recovery, these methods show dramatic results, such as permanently lost inches and pounds, skin and cellulite improvement, no stretch marks associated with conventional liposuction.

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