Mesotherapy as an Alternative to Liposuction

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical liposuction alternative performed by the means of injections in problem areas. In addition to body contouring effect, mesotherapy improves skin tone, reduces cellulite and wrinkles. The results from mesotherapy are not immediate like with liposuction, but this procedure does not need any surgical invasion at all and it is much cheaper. That is why mesotherapy is becoming increasingly popular today. In fact, originally mesotherapy was introduced not as an alternative to liposuction or cellulite removal procedure but as a treatment for other conditions, such as headaches, backaches, joint diseases or hair loss.

How Mesotherapy Works

Mesotherapy as an Alternative to LiposuctionIn the course of mesotherapy fat reduction effect is achieved by the means of injections of amino acids and other, mostly natural, substances that dissolve fatty tissue in the problematic areas.

Cost effectiveness of mesotherapy as a liposuction alternative is sometimes questionable because it requires several repeated series of injections to produce the desired effect. And the cost of each course will be around a few hundred dollars (depending on the area). However, from the safety viewpoint it’s a better option.

Benefits of Mesotherapy:

  • Less invasive than liposuction
  • Painless, no anesthesia required which eliminates anesthesia-related complications
  • No hospitalization or downtime and associated financial losses and other troubles
  • No painful recovery (like after liposuction)
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Effective against both cellulite and fat deposits
  • Improves skin condition (while liposuction can worsen skin condition)
  • Does not cause gaining fat in new areas (Unlike liposuction)
  • Suitable for any area of the body
  • Mild side effects, not experienced by most patients.
  • Disadvantages of Mesotherapy:

Effect is delayed (compared to liposuction). Most patients see the desired results after 2-3 sessions of mesotherapy. Note!: Mesotherapy is not covered by health insurance plans.

Stay Fit and Fine!

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