Non Surgical Liposuction: Does It Exist?

Non surgical liposuction (also called non invasive liposuction) is a generalized name commonly used for the group of alternative liposuction techniques, such as laser assisted liposuction (SmartLipo) and ultrasonic Liposuction (VASER Lipo, VASER Lipo or VASER Liposelection), and totally non surgical liposuction alternatives, such as Zerona Lipo Laser and Lipodissolve. These procedures are an ideal solution for those who cannot shed off excess pounds in any other way because they are a afraid of a cosmetic surgery or cannot undergo traditional lipo surgery because of a heart condition.

Non Surgical Methods (Alternative Liposuction Techniques)

Non surgical liposuction methods use less traumatic approach to fat removal as compared with the traditional liposuction. The fat needs to be loosened prior to being removed from the body in the course of liposuction surgery. In the process of ordinary liposuction the cannula is inserted under the skin and the fat is mechanically loosened (actually, beaten up) prior to being suctioned out. That causes trauma to the surrounding tissues, blood vessels, bruising, long and painful recovery and significant downtime for a patient. In male lipo patients the fat is even more resistant to loosening than in female patients which may result in more severe mechanical damage. This procedure also requires general anesthesia.

Non surgical lipo methods, such as laser assisted or ultrasonic liposuction, use a different approach to fat loosening. Ultrasound liposuction uses ultrasound waves and laser assisted liposuction uses laser to liquefy the fat. The fat still need to be vacuumed out but the damage and the pain are significantly reduced in comparison with common liposuction. The major advantages of non surgical liposuction techniques are safety, immediate effect, quick recovery and no trauma to surrounding tissues. Today ultrasound (ultrasonic, VASER) liposuction is becoming increasingly popular as the safest “non surgical” liposuction technique.

Those who look for non surgical liposuction alternatives that do not involve any surgical invasion at all should consider Zerona Lipo Laser and Lipodissolve. These non surgical liposuction alternatives, such as Zerona Lipo Laser and Lipodissolve, are sometimes classified as natural liposuction or liposuction without surgery, mostly because they have nothing to do with surgical fat suctioning: the fat is flushed out of the body naturally, with the urine.

Zerona: Non Surgical Liposuction Alternative

Zerona uses low-intensity laser externally to liquefy fat deposits, also improving positive effect on cellulites and skin tone. For comparison, traditional surgical liposuction only aggravates cellulites. Lipodissolve liquefies the fat by the means of injections of special fat-dissolving cocktails in the problem body areas. Both these liposuction alternative procedures may require several treatment sessions for the best results.

Advantages of Non Surgical Liposuction Methods

  • Fast result
  • No or little trauma to surrounding tissues
  • No bruising
  • Fast recovery
  • No need for hospitalization (ultrasonic liposuction)
  • No need for the general anesthesia
  • Skin and cellulite improvement (laser lipo)
  • Decreased risk of complications
  • No surgical invasion, no scars
  • No trauma to surrounding tissues
  • Fast recovery
  • No need for hospitalization
  • No downtime period
  • Local or no anesthesia
  • Skin and cellulite improvement (laser)
  • Minimum risk of complications
  • Lower costs (lipodissolve)
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