Outpatient Liposuction Procedures: Patient Info

Outpatient liposuction procedures are generally known as laser-assisted (Smart) and ultrasound-assisted (VASER, ultrasonic) liposuction methods. Outpatient laser liposuction is probably the first to come to the mind because today laser procedures are widely advertised. These can be done under local anesthesia right in the doctor’s office if the target areas and the amount of undesired fat are small. The fat is broken down with the help of one of the about innovative techniques and then drained down the cannula. As the surgeon’s invasion is still present, you will have some soreness, swelling and maybe bruising before you totally recover (which may take 2 weeks to 1 month). That’s why outpatient liposuction does not mean that you can get back to work immediately after the procedure, at least the doctors do not recommend to do so, and you may also have to wear compression garment (usually not included in the cost of the procedure), unless it’s a totally non-invasive lipo alternative, as described in the next paragraph.

Non-Surgical Outpatient Liposuction Methods

Some outpatient liposuction procedures are frequently referred to as “lunchtime liposuction” (particularly in the in the UK), when the patient may come to the doctor’s office during lunch break, get the treatment for the new body and then get back to work. Such procedures do not require a liposuction clinic facilities and can be done at beauty or spa offices because they totally eliminate any surgical manipulations - your own metabolism removes the fat from you body. The doctor’s job is to break down that stubborn fat in the areas that won’t improve no matter how hard you try, so that your body can easily get rid of it. The fat may be broken by the means of ultrasound waves, laser (like Zerona), or injections. There are two types of injections - drug injections that alter fat metabolism in problem areas (Lipodissolve) and mesotherapy (injections of vitamins, amino-acids and other natural “cocktails”). Please not that injection may cause allergic reactions and swelling. The results prom such body contouring methods are delayed in time and you may need several sessions, but they will give you no downtime, soreness or bruising, if you use them instead of liposuction. To help you body expel the unwanted fat you’ll have to exercise and drink plenty of water.

How much outpatient liposuction cost?

Outpatient liposuction cost is definitely lower than that of inpatient liposuction procedures, you can have even you hips or abdomen done for as little as $2500, for smaller and “cheaper” areas the cost may be even lower - $1500 for chin of neck, if the surgery does not involve muscle tightening.

The following factors decrease outpatient liposuction cost:

  • No general anesthesia and anesthetist fees
  • No operating room and clinic facility fees
  • No hospitalization fees
  • Smaller areas
  • Shorter surgery time

Inpatient Procedure?

Traditional liposuction techniques or the surgeries done under general anesthesia require inpatient care. Such procedures are associated with higher risks, so post-surgery patients need to stay under the doctor’s control for a certain period of time. Tumescent liposuction, common liposuction where the fat is broken down mechanically or even laser and ultrasound assisted methods that involve significant surgical invasion and removal of larger volume are all inpatient liposuction procedures.

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