Influence of Certain Personality Traits on Weight Loss

Weight loss efforts can be affected by being too optimistic. The psychological characteristics of an individual that may enhance weight loss were revealed in the research published in BioPsychoSocial Medicine, BioMed Central’s open access journal.

A group of Japaneese reearchers drom from Doshisha University headed by Hitomi Saito observed and made psychological profiles of 101 obese patients undergoing combined therapy at the Kansai Medical University Hospital Obesity Clinic over a period of 6 months. The therapy includes counselling, nutrition and exercise.

Psychological questionnaires worked out to identify patients’ personality types were used to assess psychosocial characteristic of obese patients before and after attending the therapy course at the clinic.

Weight Loss and Personality Traits Patients whose self-awareness hase been improved through counselling were more inclined to lose weight than those self-awareness remained at the same level. Most patients achieved improvement of optimism and self-orientation characteristics after the 6-month course, although this did not contribute to weight loss. In fact, patients who entered the therapy program with high levels of optimistic and self-orientation characteristics, were less likely to succeed in weight loss.

This result substantiates previous findings that some negative emotion has a positive infuence on behavior change because patients with stronger self-awareness tent to care more about their disease. However, enhancement of optimistic haracteristics is not necessarily detrimental, as this increased optimism helps patients maintain the healthy lifestyle established during the therapy at the clinic.

“It is important to enhance patients’ self-effectiveness and self-control in order to reduce psychological stress and to maintain the weight loss”, affirm the authors, however they are careful to accentuate that; “The weight loss should be attributed not simply to the intervention of the clinical psychologists but to the total effect of the intervention of a holistic medical care team.” People searching for safe weight loss options or liposuction alternatives may find this research very interesting.

Notes: Psychological factors that promote behavior modification by obese patients Hitomi Saito, Sawako Tashima, Yutaka Kimura, Akinori Nakagawa, Takanobu Baba, Nana Takao and Suguru Sato

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